Wednesday, December 3, 2008

self-indulging drunk 3 am post

bitch i don't want to be famous
jes wanna keep shit feelin painless
and yo i dont mean frozen just lame-less
like a muthafuckin x box arcade set

thats my rap. ill fuckin punch ya lights out. 

really though i don't think i want to be famous. all these formerly innocent celebs like LiLo and Britney be tawkimbout how once they got famous they "let all the wrong people in" to their social network and got taken advantage of in a not funny way. i don't want these random doucheswabs infiltrating my life. i mean, it's not even like i run the risk of becoming famous in any caliber, but assuming i did and people be all like "aww shit son it's da splunka!" then i don't want the soulcrushing leeches banging down my door. also i don't want to be the coke king of san diego or something like that. it's seems like the idea of celebdom to which i might have once aspired is now revealed as a shallow world of ass kissing popularity contests and unwinnable grappling towards the peak of a mountain of "talent". 

fuck famous bro, i just want to be drunk and happy. and baked. like, herb-encrusted kenny rogers roasters, if you know wha'm sayn.

fuck all that hyphy shit. I WAS BORN ON THE STREETS. 

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