Monday, December 15, 2008

3 Men Mountainbiking

i fucking love mountainbiking. yesterday i mentioned it briefly but holy shit it was awesome. i was 20 minutes outside of philly with some bros and we fuckin attacked these trails. it was a strenuous mountain path; lots of winding uphill, followed immediately by rock-laden downhill. and when i say rock-laden, i mean there's huge fucking stones in the ground you have to navigate while trying not to steer into trees at 20 mph. Plus it was muddy. and freezing. and we had collectively eaten some 7 or 8 cheesesteaks the night before that created an entirely new challenge. but holy shit my friends it was awesome. successfully going through a patch of boulders and slick mud is intense, unlike hiking which becomes slow and tedious. mountainbiking is like riding a wild stallion that knows every inch of the forest, but really the stallion is you, and it's an incredible adventure. why the fuck don't more people do this? i really can't think of a more interesting form of exercise other than sea-kayaking, hang-gliding, or, you know, sexy times. does anyone want to go mountainbiking? i'd also like to arrange a game of ultimate frisbee. still waiting to hear back about that one.

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