Saturday, December 6, 2008

introspective stoned 1 am post

i am basically the same as i was ten years ago. twenty even. as much as i am here, i am right back there, examing trinkets in gift shops i don't remember. my body is growing, my cells are regenerating, i emit and absorb energy, but essentially i am exactly where i was before any of this started. i think i have always been this sort of consciousness, a presence that was brought to this particular dimension at birth and then honed into a human essence over the years and now i am able to look back upon this cyclical infinitypersonality and see the unbroken chain of it all and pretty much it is this: i am usually running, it's late at night or early in the morning, the sun isn't quite out yet, and i am urgently trying to get somewhere. i have always had this direction and drive and a self-manufactured sense of purpose even though i've tried convincing myself of the meaningless of it all. and i will probably always be this consciousness, running towards something of it's own design in the predawn before the rest of the world is revealed. and this is perhaps the case for everyone, each person a runner in their own right, until finally the sun comes up and the next realm is entered. there's a reason a drop of water looks like a tiny planet right? animal collective is really good.

- baz luhrman

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