Sunday, December 7, 2008

home frendz

right now i live in philadelphia. it's hilarious. but sometimes i go back home to scenic long island. the past few times have been quite fruitful for their hangings-outs and general tomfoolery that takes place when i reconnect with my high school friends who have mostly remained a tightly-bound network of bros and duders for some odd years roundabouts. this thanksgiving was exactly the sort of shit-show i'd hoped it would be, featuring a fully-fleshed-out cast of supporting characters from my highschool the likes of which have not all been in the same bar in a life-age of the earth. but it fuckin' happened at katie mc's and, to a lesser extent, j.t. carrington's, two of my favorite huntington village bars rivaled only by the shamrock and valencia tavern. in the course of my drunken pre-holiday festivities, i must've said hello to like twenty people from my grade, which consisted of only about 70 back in the day (roustabouts). it was ridiculous in so many ways, and the cherry on top was the boys who once fancied themselves part of the "in-crowd", now grown fat and apathetic to the world in a cruel twist of fate (i'm probably also going to get fat at some point but it's nice to point out the failings of others).

gotta give it up for my home frendz though, an amazingly tight and well-oiled machine of a circle of friends, occasionally succumbing to issues of misguided diplomacy and in extreme cases treachery, but overall an excellent assortment of fellows who tell it like it is and know when to party and when to chill the fuck out. chill, cops. chill chill chill. throw it out the window man, throw it out the windowSHIT he's got his light on it FUCK ok everyone chill everyone calm down fuck i'm makin' a run for it.






Yeah my friends are pretty great.

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