Thursday, December 25, 2008

Murry Chrizmus

Hello All,

Welp, it's that magic time of the year again. And let me tell you, as a non-practicing Christian who pretty much committed every sin available in North America, I had a great Christmas Eve last night lighting Channukah candles with some of my favorite jews. These guys are awesome. While the rest of America is busy being festive and Christmassy, this camp is locked in a six hour horde mode session, breaking only for Chinese food (General Tsao's chicken, among others) and substance abuse. Gotta love the Long Island Jewish Community. I grew up with these assholes, and now I feel more at home with them than some of the psycho-religious-zealots on my own side of the religion wars. Holidays! Also, since it's Christmas, I'm going to use this post to break out an old classic, a traditional Christmas movie I made but a few short years ago. Happy Holidays you FUCK:

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