Saturday, November 8, 2008


i wonder a lot about the kind of cultural movement that will be associated with this decade. what is the style of the two-thousands? there really isn't anything original or something that hasn't been recycled in some way. this may have been said in the past but i think in this decade it is more apparent than ever. music, fashion, and television are all heightened versions of things they have already been. there seems to be an ongoing appeal to reference every stylistic movement of the past in a mish-mosh that is so contrary to itself that it develops its own appeal. this is carried out to a sickening extent by silk-screens of old things redesigned as new things to be printed on the side of something that's really old to be used as something it's not intended for in an environment it's unwelcome in. i played guitar hero 3 and had my friends hold the bowl in place so i could smoke it while soloing. more artists should aspire to do this. 

i feel that our generation will be recognized by the extent to which it widened the postmodern condition to include everything that ever came before it and somehow make kitschyness out of banal things like rock-salt.

the only bands i listen anymore are ones that don;t make any sense at all.

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