Thursday, November 20, 2008

fuck so many things

this is becoming a catch-all motto for me. it really represents an american male postmodern existential crisis based stance in today's society. honestly though, fuck so many things.

the amount to which people are forced to accept bullshit, lameness, heartache, buttache, and all-around retardation in the world today is bewildering. every day we are beaten down by the apparently unavoidable tidal wave of shit that flows through our planet. be it natural disasters, psychotic abusings of power, war for profit, or just the influx of assholes kicking around the globe, there's a lot on everybody's plate at the moment. 

sure, there is undeniable good out there. many things are worth living for and pretty much nothing in daily life is worth killing yourself over. but god damn, fuck sooooooooooooo many things. starting with this blog and this emopost. then moving on to me. and then so many things.

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