Saturday, November 1, 2008


so this is my new blog and i fucking hate it. i think blogs are stupid and fueled by narcissism. i'm voting for obama. while i am of the belief that blogs and most of the internet are inherently lame, i am a mild fan of the aesthetic that has bubbled up out of this lameness over the past decade or so. so i want to feed into that.

the marriage of technology and retarded people has somehow created an untraceably vast vernacular of joke words and quick-response abbreviations underscored by a sizable disregard for the language and grammar it's founded upon (hence the discontinuation of capital letters). while i agree that this latest development in social communication is harmful to the youth and their impressionable minds, i find myself continuously amused by the byproducts of this evolving monster. just ponder the implications of roflmayo.

so wait, i'm going to blog about this shit?

no, i guess this is more of a reaction to it, as well as a small contribution in it's own right. and also a place for me to put things that i value like this. and, you know, just bitch about shit nobody cares about, like how much i already hate the fact that i signed up for yet another fucking blog that will disintegrate into negative electrons probably a long time before i do.

so enjoy your time here, have a drink, relax. i'll probably give up on this long before it reaches its prime. 

- the management

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