Thursday, January 1, 2009



it's 2009. it feels pretty good considering the world is collapsing into molten pits of liquid-hot earthcore. so far i'd say we're off to a good start. and you can't really argue with the number 9 at the end of a year. i'm a strong believer in the power of certain numbers (even though i wrote all that shit about not liking math) and i think 9 is good news because 3 goes into it 3 times and 3 is an important number in my life. i hope this year is as good as i hope. i have a lot of hopes right now, as do many american citizens. and citizens of the globe. let's hope that at least a few more people can resolve their differences and live in peace instead of everybody bombing the fuck out of everybody else. seriously. and while we're talking about people changing and opening up their eyes, here's george carlin (rip) on the american dream:

fuck y'all, go 2009, i'm out, fuck you, peace, what's up, later.

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