Saturday, January 10, 2009

the controller spheres have disappeared

everything is at once thrilling and difficult. things are moving very fast and sometimes impossibly slow. i make noises to myself when i think about things, especially while driving. when i get excited about the ideas in my head they just sort of seep out, and i'll be cruising down columbus ave making little shrieks as the dogriders ride through my brain. i think an honest, rational man would probably disassociate himself from me. i want to be able to create all the things i have to offer from within, even the lego pirate story i transcribed to the cleaning lady when i was 7. there is so much to shine light on. i wish i could be artistic in all walks of life and you could pay your bills by drawing a nice landscape on them. i wish there wasn't a constant grinding down of the individual by the massive gears that have been turning since the dawn of history. of course there are reasons we can't transcend certain realities, but come on people do we really have to put a chip in our thigh so the government can keep tabs on us wherever we roam? i say progressive anarchy fueled by human mental evolution. self-sufficiency through telekinesis. i say let's all turn into god-like beings of pure light and colors and sounds that harmonize. wait, when did we wander into bizarre hippy territory? what the fuck, smells like fuckin patchouli and scrote hairs up in hur. anyway, i have many hopes for a hyper-evolutionary humanity-wide event, i just hope obama can get the ball rolling on this one.

heh, ball.

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